Denver-Based Thrive Home Builders Awarded US EPA 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award

Denver-Based Thrive Home Builders Awarded US EPA 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award

DENVER—Aug. 22, 2022—Thrive Home Builders (Thrive) has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a recipient of the 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award. Thrive has been a 7-time recipient of this prestigious EPA award.  The Indoor airPLUS Leader Award recognizes market-leading organizations who promote safer, healthier and more comfortable indoor environments by offering enhanced indoor air quality protections for new home buyers.

“We take great pride in providing healthy homes for our homebuyers and have built more EPA Indoor airPLUS qualified homes in Colorado than any other home builder,” said Stephen Myers, CEO of Thrive. “Homeowners can breathe easier in their Thrive homes knowing we’ve done everything we can to ensure their homes airborne contaminants and toxic chemicals have been minimized.”

Each Thrive home comes standard with an active radon ventilation system and high capture filtration, exceeding the EPA standards. These practices of building homes with clean indoor air quality in mind improves homeowner’s daily health and well-being.

The Indoor airPLUS program was created on the foundation of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Residential New Homes Program and encourages builders and raters to go further with construction practices to help minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants. Homes that earn this label offer superior comfort, durability, indoor air quality and peace of mind for their home buyers.

“Congratulations to the organizations recognized as 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award winners,” said David Rowson, Director of EPA’s Indoor Environments Division. “It is always inspiring to have the opportunity to see and recognize the incredible work that our partners do every day, from hosting community events and presenting at conferences to supporting Indoor airPLUS homes in affordable housing. On behalf of EPA and the Indoor airPLUS team, we would like to congratulate and thank the 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award winners.”

For more information on Thrive Home Builders and its commitment to Indoor airPLUS qualified homes, visit To learn more about the 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards or the Indoor airPLUS Program, visit

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Thrive Home Builders is a Denver-based company that has been building energy-efficient and healthy homes in Colorado for the last 30 years. Its building practices have made them a leader in the industry for high performance homes that have provided homeownership for entry-level, income-qualified homeowners to luxury homebuyers. Thrive homes use innovative building practices that incorporate the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability with the homeowner’s health in mind. Thrive’s Zero Energy Ready Homes are LEED Certified, Energy Star Certified, EPA Indoor airPLUS certified.

Image Credit: View of a kitchen and great room in a Thrive Home Builders Panacea home in Denver’s Central Park neighborhood.

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