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Live Better And Save In A Thrive Energy-Efficient Home

Home ownership comes with a lot of questions. The cost of your energy shouldn’t be one of them. Peace of mind comes from knowing that an independent energy rating firm has certified the energy efficiency of your Thrive home. What will you do with the money you won’t be sending to the power company?

LEED Certified Homes

Every Home We Build is LEED Certified. In fact, Thrive builds the most LEED Certified homes in Colorado under the USGBC LEED for Homes Program and was named a LEED Power Builder in 2018! Sustainable Building Practices, Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Home… we check ALL the boxes.

2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winner

We’ve built more EPA Indoor airPLUS qualified homes in Colorado than any other builder, and earned the Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Seven years in a row. Why? Because we want you to breathe a little easier in your new home. With a 29-year history of innovation, we believe indoor air quality is the “next frontier” for high-performance homes and improved quality-of-life.

ZERO Energy Ready Homes

Thrive is the only builder in America to win 12 Grand Awards for Housing Innovation from the U.S. Department of Energy 9 years in a row! The Housing Innovation Awards have honored the very best in innovation on the path to zero energy ready homes by recognizing forward-thinking builders who are delivering homebuyers a better homeowner experience.

HERS Score

Your home’s HERS score is like your car’s MPG. The lower your home’s HERS score, the more energy-efficient it is. Independent energy raters test each Thrive home to confirm it performs at the highest level. Thrive achieved the lowest average HERS score (26.9) in the country in 2020, and received the RESNET President’s Award as part of the 2021 Cross Border Challenge.  Don’t buy a home unless you know the score!

Energy Star Certified

Every home we build is Energy Star Certified. In fact, we’ve built more than 1250 Energy Star certified homes right here in the Denver area. Not that we’re counting…

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